Square Enix has released the key art for Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.4, and fans are already going wild with theories. The developer has launched a teaser website before every major patch, but this time, it’s the key art that has caught everyone’s attention.


The key art features an ominous presence sitting on a dark throne. However, what’s drawing the most attention is the sigil above the villainous Golbez, which appears to be the other half of Lahabrea’s sigil. Fans are speculating that the storylines from the main scenario and the Pandæmonium Raid series will converge in some way with Lahabrea and Golbez.

The dragon on the new key art has sparked a lot of theories on the Final Fantasy 14 subreddit. Many believe that it could be Azdaja, and we could be set to fight “Shadow Dragon Azdaja” as part of either Golbez’s trial or the Pandæmonium Raid series.

There are also theories surrounding a showdown with Golbez. Many players expect a climactic battle against the big bad in patch 6.4, given that Golbez is now without his four minions, which we’ve taken down throughout the post-Endwalker patch series.


Final Fantasy 14’s patch 6.4, titled “The Dark Throne,” is set to release in late May. Fans are eagerly anticipating venturing into Golbez’s weird palace realm to face the intimidating foe. While the key art has sparked a lot of theories, players will have to wait until the patch’s release to see how the storylines unfold.

Earlier this week, Final Fantasy 14 launched a Mary Poppins umbrella mount, but players were taken aback by the steep price.


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