In the realm of storage solutions, Solidigm is preparing to release a product that will revolutionize the market. The Solidigm D5-P5336 is generating significant buzz, offering an incredible capacity of up to 61.44 terabytes of QLC NAND. This means that gamers will finally have a storage solution that can handle their vast gaming libraries without breaking a sweat.

Despite being built from QLC NAND, which is typically slower than other types, the Solidigm D5-P5336 does not disappoint in terms of performance. With a sequential read speed of 7000 MB/s and a sequential write speed of 3100 MB/s, this solid-state drive (SSD) ensures swift data transfer rates. It’s important to note, however, that as the drive fills up or when handling large transfers, the speed may not be as impressive. Nevertheless, since this SSD is not specifically intended for gaming, the slight decrease in speed shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

The Solidigm D5-P5336 is not your average SSD designed for everyday users. Expected to hit the market later this year, it will be available in U.2 and E1.L form factors. While fitting a U.2 drive into your machine is possible, the E1.L drives, which measure a robust 318.75mm in length, may prove to be a tight fit. Additionally, the cooling requirements for this SSD are substantial, particularly if you opt for the E1.L drives. Therefore, this storage solution is better suited for server applications rather than individual users seeking a practical option.

To demonstrate the sheer capacity of the Solidigm D5-P5336, the company proudly showcases a server fully loaded with 32 of these powerful SSDs. This impressive setup boasts a mind-boggling total storage capacity of 1966 terabytes in a single rack, equivalent to nearly two petabytes of solid-state storage. For those with even greater storage needs, a 2U SSD server capable of accommodating up to 108 E1.L drives would provide an astonishing six petabytes of storage. However, it’s worth considering the cooling requirements for such an enormous storage solution, especially considering that each D5-P5336 SSD consumes up to 25W when active.

A True Storage Powerhouse

The Solidigm D5-P5336 SSD is a sight to behold. Its colossal capacity, impressive speed, and server-focused design make it a force to be reckoned with in the storage industry. While its size and cooling demands restrict it from being an ideal storage solution for most users, gamers and enterprises seeking unparalleled storage capabilities will undoubtedly find this SSD a dream come true. With the ability to handle enormous amounts of data and provide exceptional performance, the Solidigm D5-P5336 SSD is set to change the game in the world of storage solutions.


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