Actress Florence Pugh has opened up about the backlash she received from the indie film world after she made her comic book movie debut in Black Widow in 2021. Pugh revealed that many of her peers in the smaller-scale film industry were “really pissed off” at her for leaving and that they thought she would never return. However, Pugh defended her decision and stated that she still plans to “dabble in all areas.”

Backlash from Indie Film World

Florence Pugh has revealed that she faced criticism from “so many people” in the indie film world after she signed onto Black Widow. Pugh’s peers apparently thought that she would never come back to smaller-scale films after experiencing the success of a blockbuster. However, Pugh defended her decision and explained that she is still working as hard as she used to, just with a more organized schedule.

Love for All Types of Films

Despite the criticism she received, Florence Pugh has always been drawn to all types of films, from small indie productions to large-scale blockbusters. Pugh believes that there is “beauty” in all of them and that each can have a profound impact on the right person at the right time. Pugh has never intended to limit herself to one type of movie, and she plans to continue exploring different genres and styles in her career.

Continued Work in Small-Scale Films

Although Florence Pugh has starred in several blockbuster films, she has not abandoned the indie film world completely. Pugh has continued to work on smaller-scale productions, including The Wonder and A Good Person in 2022. Pugh has also lined up several upcoming projects, including Dune: Part Two and Oppenheimer in 2023, before returning to the blockbuster world in Thunderbolts in 2024.

Florence Pugh’s decision to star in blockbuster films has faced criticism from some within the indie film world, but Pugh remains committed to exploring all types of films. Pugh believes that each type of movie has its own unique beauty and can impact viewers in different ways. Pugh’s varied roles demonstrate her passion for the art of film and her desire to continue expanding her range as an actress.


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