Fortnite’s Week 7 challenges have been released, offering players several new tasks to complete on the island for XP and additional cosmetic rewards from the battle pass. Among these challenges is the task of lighting three campfires that can slowly heal your health when standing near them.

Efficient Route

Although campfires are scattered throughout Fortnite’s vast map, the quickest and most efficient way to complete the quest is by landing at one of the campfires along the coast south of Frenzy Fields. The coastline has three campfires in a straight east-to-west line, making it easy to light all three with minimal time and effort.

Quick Completion

The three campfires are very close to each other, so it should take you under a minute to light them all, provided you don’t encounter any trouble along the way. It is recommended to land at the westernmost campfire as it is slightly further from the other two, and moving east from this point provides a better rotation opportunity toward Mega City or Frenzy Fields.


Completing the Week 7 challenge of lighting three campfires is a quick and straightforward task that can bring you one step closer to unlocking new cosmetics. For more information on Fortnite, check out how to get a Lock On Pistol and how it works.


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