Friday the 13th: The Game, a popular multiplayer video game, will soon be delisted and no longer available for sale. The game’s publisher, Gun Media, recently announced that its license will expire on December 31, making it unavailable for purchase. While the game will remain playable until the end of 2024, when the servers are taken offline, players have roughly a year and a half left to enjoy it. This news has saddened many fans of the game.

Boosting Players’ Experience

In a gesture of gratitude towards its players, Friday the 13th: The Game will receive an update on Thursday. This update will instantly boost all players to the maximum level of 150 and provide them with all 30 Legendary Perks available in the game. These perks have been modified to eliminate any negative effects and ensure players always receive the best possible outcome. Additionally, players will be granted access to all of Jason’s kills, except for those that are unlocked via downloadable content. Once players reach this point, they will no longer earn experience points, as there will be nothing left to unlock.

Reducing Server Dependence

To optimize the game’s performance and reduce the game’s dependence on database servers, several changes will be implemented for all players on Thursday, July 6th. These changes aim to enhance the overall gaming experience and address any potential server-related issues.

A Memorable Final Blowout

Game director Wes Keltner expressed that this update was the team’s way of providing players with the best possible experience and expressing their gratitude as they prepare to bid farewell to the game. By boosting characters and providing players with powerful perks, the game aims to create an exciting and intense final few months of gameplay. This incentive may also attract lapsed players back to the game and potentially increase the player base during its remaining lifespan. The hope is that this farewell boost will result in a memorable final blowout in Crystal Lake. Players are eagerly anticipating the update and preparing to make the most of the game’s remaining lifespan.


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