Brainwash Gang, the game developers, have announced the launch of Friends Vs Friends on May 30th. This game is a combination of tactical deck-building and chaotic shooting. Players can blast their friends away using cards on beautifully designed and dynamic maps. The game has been anticipated for a while, as it was a hit during its demo at PAX West. The game’s trailer showcases its multiplayer mayhem.

In Friends Vs Friends, players use cards to activate different powers. These powers include summoning inflatable walls to bounce bullets back at foes, enlarging an enemy’s head to score easy headshots, or using a katana to block incoming damage. Players can unlock new cards over time and upgrade them, adding a strategic twist to the game.

The Environment and Characters

The game’s trailer is an explosion of colour and style. The character selection screen is particularly impressive, with some of the coolest anthropomorphic designs seen in a game. The game’s designs are reminiscent of Timesplitters: Future Perfect’s random roster of characters. The game’s style is unique, and it is sure to provide players with an exciting experience.

Friends Vs Friends is not limited to playing with friends only. Players can play matchmade games against strangers and even become friends with them. The game has 1v1 and 2v2 game modes, as well as training grounds against bots. There are post-launch plans for more cards, characters, maps, and homebase upgrades in the future. The game is also free of any pay-to-win features.

The game will be available on PC via Steam for £8.50/€10/$10 on May 30th, with a 40% launch discount. Console players can look forward to the game’s release later this year. Friends Vs Friends is a game worth trying out for anyone who enjoys tactical deck-building and chaotic shooting games.


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