Fans of Soulslike games are getting excited about the upcoming release of Armored Core 6, despite developers at FromSoftware insisting the game is not a Soulslike. The game’s new mechanics, including what appears to be a Sekiro-inspired posture system, have piqued the interest of gamers. According to a recent PlayStation Blog post, if an Armored Core takes too many hits over a short period of time, its Attitude Control System will be overloaded, making it vulnerable for a short time. Continuous hits and powerful strikes will cause stagger damage, encouraging players to keep up the pressure on their opponents. The damage inflicted to an enemy’s stagger gauge varies from weapon to weapon, and distance plays a factor, adding an additional strategy to equipping and using weapons in combat.

Notable Souls Modder and Content Creator Zullie’s Take

Zullie, a notable Souls modder and content creator, has noted that this system is similar to Sekiro’s posture system. It makes sense since Sekiro’s lead game designer, Masaru Yamamura, is co-directing Armored Core 6. Some fans have even dubbed the game “Mechiro” due to the similarities. However, some prefer the “Sekirobo” line.

It’s been ten years since the last Armored Core game, and FromSoftware has since built a new fanbase with its Soulsborne series. Many fans have been eagerly anticipating the new release and wondering if the game would borrow elements from the Soulsborne series. However, developers have made it clear that Armored Core 6 is not a Soulslike. Instead, they say that the game’s elements, such as challenging action, intense boss fights, and abstract world-building, are simply core to FromSoftware’s design philosophy. Despite this, the studio’s design evolutions have started to take a Souls-shaped form.

Overall, the new mechanics in Armored Core 6 are exciting for fans, and the similarities to Sekiro’s posture system have many eager to see how it will play out in the gameplay. While it may not be a Soulslike, it seems to have many of the elements that make FromSoftware’s games so beloved.


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