Honkai Star Rail, the new turn-based JRPG from Hoyoverse, will release on April 26. However, many Western players will be able to play it a day early, on April 25. The game will launch on PC and mobile at 7pm PT/10pm ET/3am BT (April 26). Although the game is also coming to PS4 and PS5, it won’t be available on console at launch.

Pre-Registration and Launch Goodies

You can pre-register for Honkai Star Rail and pre-download it so you’re ready to log in as soon as the servers go live. The game has already surpassed 10 million pre-registered users. Hoyoverse is giving out some launch goodies to early players, including 20 Star Rail Passes, 100,000 Credits for upgrades, and a four-star character Serval.

Login Event

Honkai Star Rail is throwing a login event to celebrate its launch. If you log in for a total of seven days by June 6, you’ll receive 10 Star Rail Special Passes which can be used on limited banners for exclusive rate-up characters like Seele, the game’s debut rate-up. To claim them, all you have to do is unlock the Travel Log in-game.

Trailblaze Levels and Bonuses

The Travel Log will also let you access bonuses for reaching Trailblaze levels 5, 15, 25, and 35. You can increase your level by exploring, completing quests, clearing daily commissions, and spending energy on resource farms. By reaching rank 35, you’ll have earned a total of 40 more Star Rail Passes as well as 1,600 Stellar Jade which can be used to purchase 10 additional Special Passes. With regular play, it shouldn’t take long to reach level 35.

Overall, Honkai Star Rail is set to be an exciting new game for fans of JRPGs. Make sure to pre-register and pre-download the game to get the launch goodies and be ready to log in as soon as the servers go live.


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