Google’s Pixel Fold offers a promising device with a wider aspect ratio that feels more natural for multitasking and provides a better entertainment experience, compared to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, which is too narrow for larger human hands. The Pixel Fold’s wider aspect ratio also solves the square-ish inner display’s problem of leaving sizable black bars when watching videos.

Performance, Reliability, and Customer Service Remain Unknowns

However, there are some hang-ups over the $1,800 gadget, which boils down to performance, reliability, and customer service. Google’s self-branded processors, Tensor G1 and G2, have demonstrated a tendency to run warm, which can disable features like 4K video recording and camera flash. The Pixel Fold’s silicon remains a core element of concern, especially as Google’s processors routinely trail behind Qualcomm and Apple in benchmarks. The Pixel Fold’s thermal performance may significantly differ from the Galaxy Fold 5 with some variant of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 when it comes to cooling and battery life.

Moreover, the Pixel Fold’s repair options are unproven at this point, especially for those who live far from major metro hubs. Although Google has partnered with uBreakiFix for the extended warranty plan, reviews for uBreakiFix are often mixed. Google’s default response may be sending customers a new Fold, which would likely require another $1,800 hold on a credit card.

Hopeful for Top-tier Service but No Established Reputation

Google’s regular slab phones continue to exhibit problems, such as the camera glass randomly shattering on some Pixel 7 and 7 Pro units, and there’s a lot riding on how the Fold fares in hardware reliability. For a device that costs upward of $2,000 on a phone after tax, customers deserve some serious white glove treatment. While the Pixel Fold is more appealing than Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, it comes with some hang-ups that need to be addressed before it becomes a reliable and trusted foldable device.


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