Gord is a unique game that combines survival, strategy, and city-building in a Slavic folklore-inspired world. The game is developed by Covenant, a Polish game studio whose developers have worked on well-known games such as The Witcher 3 and Frostpunk. In Gord, players must lead a group of tribespeople as they try to survive in a harsh and unforgiving forbidden land.


In Gord, players must construct and expand their settlement while catering to the needs of the inhabitants. However, defending against threats is also crucial. Players must protect their tribe from rival tribes, fearsome monsters, and otherworldly powers. Beyond settlement building, players can venture out into the wilderness to hunt legendary creatures, uncover ancient secrets, and vanquish deadly scourges.

One unique aspect of Gord is the sanity meter, which is similar to Darkest Dungeon. Players must keep their settler’s sanity in check, as everything from hunger to the death of a loved one can impact their mental state. If settlers are pushed too far, they may suffer a breakdown or flee, likely ending up as monster food.

Gord is a highly anticipated game that promises a unique and captivating experience. The Polish game studio Covenant has assembled a team of experienced developers, ensuring that Gord will be a high-quality game. Gord is set to arrive on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X sometime this summer. If you’re a fan of survival, strategy, and city-building games, Gord is definitely worth adding to your wishlist.


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