After waiting a few extra months, Hogwarts Legacy finally launched on PS4 today. Players have been quick to share their positive experiences with the magical Harry Potter spin-off. According to Twitter user @SynthPotato, the game is a “great port” and “it actually runs shockingly well, holding a locked 30FPS throughout!” Despite a ~50sec loading screen for entering/leaving the castle, players seem to be pleased with the game’s overall performance.

PS4 Pro vs. PS5 Comparison

A YouTube video by ElAnalistaDeBits compares the performance of Hogwarts Legacy on PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5. While the PS5 offers the best performance with a native resolution of 1800p in Quality Mode and the ability to run at 60 FPS in Performance Mode, the PS4 Pro and PS4 versions still offer surprisingly good quality regarding visuals and performance. The PS4 Pro runs at a native 1080p while the vanilla PS4 version runs at a native 900p. Both the base PS4 and the PS4 Pro can run at a solid 30 FPS.

Developer Praises for Last-Gen Optimization

Players have praised the developer for putting in the effort to optimize the game for those playing on PS4. One player writes, “Massive respect for the devs for not releasing it along with the current gen version. Looks like the extra time working on the last-gen version paid off.” Another adds, “A developer actually taking the time to ensure previous-gen versions of a clearly current-gen game function properly instead of shoving it out day and date with the other versions. And it’s a good game at that. Good on you, Avalanche and WB.” Despite longer loading times on last-gen consoles, players seem to appreciate the developer’s efforts to make the game accessible to a wider audience.

In conclusion, Hogwarts Legacy’s launch on PS4 has been met with positive reviews from players who are surprised by its performance on last-gen hardware. While the PS5 offers the best performance, the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions still offer a good quality gaming experience. Players appreciate the developer’s efforts to optimize the game for last-gen consoles, making it accessible to a wider audience.


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