A Reddit user playing Hogwarts Legacy had an unfortunate incident with their phoenix. The player decided to use the transfiguration spell on their phoenix, which is the most valuable beast in the game. However, they received only two galleons in return, which is equivalent to pennies in real-life currency.

The player realized their mistake soon after casting the spell, as the phoenix disappeared. They wrote that they had a brief moment of panic where they thought they had traded the most valuable beast in the game for only two lousy galleons.

Fortunately, the phoenix did return, but the player had to go back to the Room of Requirement briefly. Upon re-entering the habitat, they found the phoenix reborn, true to its phoenix form.

It should be noted that the phoenix is unlike other beasts in the game. Players need to complete a special quest in the game to obtain it, and it cannot be bred.

Other players have realized the potential of this trick as an infinite gold glitch. However, it is not recommended to cast spells on phoenixes willy-nilly, as players will only receive two galleons in return.

In conclusion, players of Hogwarts Legacy should be careful when using spells on valuable beasts in the game, as they may not receive the desired outcome.


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