Hoyoverse’s latest game, Honkai Star Rail, has only been out for two days and already has features that Genshin Impact has yet to introduce despite receiving feedback from players for over two years. One of the most notable features is the game’s dark-mode launch screen, which has been well-received by players who were tired of being flashbanged by Genshin Impact’s startup screen. Additionally, Honkai Star Rail has a well-written protagonist, which is something that Genshin Impact lacks. However, the game’s daily activities are the main focus of this article.

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail allows players to assign characters to automated tasks that generate specific resources every 20 hours. However, Honkai Star Rail has a feature that Genshin Impact lacks: a single button that collects completed tasks and instantly reassigns the same characters to start the assignment again. This feature saves players time and effort, as they don’t have to manually collect, select, assign, and start each daily assignment individually. Although this feature seems small, it makes a significant difference in the long run, especially for players who have been navigating the same menus for over two years.

Daily commissions

Another area where Honkai Star Rail outshines Genshin Impact is in its daily commissions. Genshin Impact requires players to complete four commissions daily, with one of them usually being a long and boring NPC conversation or delivery errand. In contrast, Honkai Star Rail allows players to collect daily resources by completing a range of tasks, such as leveling up a weapon. These tasks are ones that players would typically do anyway, making the process more enjoyable and less tedious.

While it’s possible for Genshin Impact to introduce similar quality of life features, it’s interesting to note that Honkai Star Rail launched with these features in a better state. Although the two games have different teams, Hoyoverse is aware of the features that players desire. Hopefully, Genshin Impact will follow in Honkai Star Rail’s footsteps and introduce similar quality of life features soon.


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