With the recent release of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, fans are already speculating on what to expect from Aloy’s next adventure. The expansion has sparked discussions about a possible romance system in the upcoming Horizon 3 game. Some fans believe that the dialogue options in the expansion, which allow players to choose whether Aloy kisses her companion Seyka or not, suggest that there might be a romance system. However, some fans argue that having multiple romances could weaken the story, and that Seyka should be Aloy’s only love interest in the next game.

A More Developed Companion

Other fans are hoping to see Seyka play a bigger role in the sequel. Many believe that she was an underdeveloped character in Burning Shores due to the DLC’s length. Fans are hoping to spend more time with Seyka and see her and Aloy’s relationship developed further. Some fans even suggest that Seyka should have an impact on gameplay, and that players should be able to have a companion following them around.

Trusting the Developers

Finally, some fans have no specific demands for Horizon 3 and trust that Guerrilla Games will continue to make the game as fun as its predecessors. They support the developer’s efforts to expand the world of Horizon and are excited for Aloy’s next adventure.

Although Horizon 3 has not been officially announced, Guerrilla Games has hinted at an “exciting online project” and fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment in Aloy’s story.


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