A player of Horizon Forbidden West has recently discovered a new way to empower their mounts. The player posted a clip on the Horizon Forbidden West subreddit that has gained almost 2000 upvotes and hundreds of comments in just one day. The clip reveals the results of giving the player’s “brave mounts some extra firepower” by using explosive canisters, which can even take down ultra touch machines.

The player, u/AkinToTheBreach, said that they started playing with the explosive canisters the previous night and found them to be surprisingly powerful. Intrigued, they decided to use them to give their mounts some extra firepower against the ultra-tough machines. The player added that it is their favorite new weapon. The clip also shows the damage numbers of the explosive canisters for those who are curious.

Horizon Forbidden West’s developer announced earlier this year that it was working on expanding Aloy’s world with her next adventure and an exciting online project, which is most likely the long-rumored Horizon MMO. Fans are already creating their Horizon 3 wishlists in anticipation of the next adventure.

Narrative director Ben McCaw revealed that hints related to Aloy’s next adventure are hidden in plain sight within the Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC, Burning Shores. He advised players to keep their eyes peeled when playing the DLC.

Studio director Jan-Bart van Beek also revealed that this isn’t the last we’ll see of Aloy in a blog post discussing Guerilla’s 20-year history and Horizon’s commercial success. He stated that they are excited that Aloy’s adventures will continue and can’t wait for players to find out where she’ll go next. Although this isn’t confirmation of Horizon 3, it’s a promising sign.

A player of Horizon Forbidden West has discovered a new way to power up their mounts by using explosive canisters. The results are impressive, and the clip has gained a lot of attention on the Horizon Forbidden West subreddit. Fans are eagerly anticipating Aloy’s next adventure, and hints about it are hidden in the Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC, Burning Shores. The studio director’s comments suggest that Aloy’s adventures will continue, although there is no confirmation of Horizon 3 yet.


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