Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game with a plethora of collectibles that can transform the protagonist, Cal Kestis, in countless ways. Within the game’s world, players can equip Cal with different outfits, such as a new pair of pants, a new shirt, and even change his hair. Although these cosmetics don’t provide any active benefits in gameplay, they offer an opportunity to jazz up Cal’s look, and there is one item players should seek out as soon as they can: the mullet.

How to Find the Mullet

To find the mullet cosmetic, players need to go to the planet Koboh. If they’re just beginning their Star Wars Jedi: Survivor adventure and are looking to grab the mullet, they’ll want to follow Koboh’s starting path down the hills, all the way to the leftmost tarpits in the Derelict Dam portion of the Dredger Gorge map. When the path splits, instead of heading right, they should head left to the top of the dam by jumping across the nearby tar pits and climbing up the awaiting vines.

Once players are at the top of the tar pits, they should turn to face a giant metal canister ringed by platforms floating in mud. There’s a fair gap between the nearest platform and the safe haven on the dam, but if they time their jump correctly, they’ll just make it. They’ll land in the tar, but have some time to ooze towards the platform. There’s a second floating platform awaiting around the side of the giant canister, so players should make another jump and swim briefly through the tar again.

From there, players should be able to spot a solid rock platform around the left corner. They should jump to this and open up the awaiting blue crate. Inside, they’ll find Cal’s incredible mullet.

The mullet doesn’t change the game in any way, but it’s a beauty worth retrieving. Not only is it a bold statement, but it’s also a great representation for one of Australia’s hideous trademark hairstyles. Long live Mullet Cal! Star Wars Jedi: Survivor launches for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC on 28 April 2023.


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