In a recent interview with Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games, it was revealed that when studios make deals with Microsoft to bring their games to Xbox Game Pass, it also benefits fans on PlayStation consoles. Schade discussed the upcoming release of Everspace 2, developed and published by Rockfish Games, and highlighted the positive impact of the Game Pass deal.

Previously, Everspace 2 was available on Steam early access from 2021 until April 2023 when it was fully released on PC. During this time, Rockfish Games worked on developing console versions of the game. Schade explained that the deal with Xbox Game Pass provided the studio with additional funding, resulting in “nine to twelve months of more production time.” This allowed the team to expand the content of Everspace 2 and enhance the overall quality of the game.

Schade emphasized that this extended production time and improved game quality also benefits players who will be experiencing the game on PlayStation 5. The deal with Game Pass not only provided financial support but also offered maximum flexibility, enabling Rockfish Games to deliver an enhanced gaming experience for PlayStation fans. Schade stated, “It’s maximum flexibility, extra funding, you just make a better game, and everybody’s happy.”

No Negative Impact on Steam Sales

Addressing concerns about the potential negative impact of releasing Everspace 2 on PC Game Pass on Steam sales, Schade reassured that there was no noticeable dip in Steam figures. He stated, “To be frank, I couldn’t see any dip.” This suggests that the availability of the game on Game Pass did not cannibalize sales on the Steam platform.

Schade went on to describe the deal with Xbox Game Pass as one of the best, if not the best, in the industry. Not only did it allow Rockfish Games to maintain their independence, but it also provided the studio with increased visibility and additional funding. This demonstrates that developers can benefit from partnerships with Game Pass without compromising the quality or availability of their games on different platforms.

Dispelling Concerns about Inferior Versions

Schade also addressed concerns that developers may offer inferior versions of their games on PlayStation compared to Xbox Series X|S due to Game Pass deals. Using Everspace 2 as an example, Schade dismissed this notion, stating that the game on PlayStation 5 would be just as impressive as its Xbox counterparts. This reassurance indicates that players on both platforms can expect a high-quality gaming experience, regardless of the Game Pass partnership.

The Positive Impact of Game Pass Partnerships

Overall, the interview with Michael Schade shed light on the positive impact of Game Pass partnerships for developers and players alike. The additional funding and extended production time made possible by the Game Pass deal allowed Rockfish Games to create a larger and more polished game. PlayStation fans can also look forward to enjoying an enhanced version of Everspace 2 on the PS5, thanks to the flexibility and support offered by Game Pass.

Additionally, the interview dispelled concerns about Game Pass cannibalizing sales on other platforms. Schade’s affirmation that there was no negative impact on Steam sales suggests that Game Pass can coexist with other distribution channels without detrimental effects. Furthermore, Schade emphasized that developers are committed to delivering the best possible gaming experience on all platforms, debunking the notion of inferior versions of games due to Game Pass deals.

The partnership between Rockfish Games and Xbox Game Pass exemplifies the mutually beneficial relationship between developers and players. Game Pass offers financial support, increased visibility, and extended production time, resulting in improved games for players on various platforms. The impact of Game Pass extends beyond the Xbox ecosystem, benefiting PlayStation fans and dispelling concerns about inferior versions of games.


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