Immortals of Aveum, the upcoming magic shooter game from Ascendant Studios and EA, has been delayed by one month. The game was originally scheduled to launch in July 2023, but it will now be available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on 22 August 2023. Bret Robbins, the game director and CEO of Ascendant, stated that the delay is to ensure that the developers have sufficient time for additional polish and optimisation.

Reason for Delay

Robbins explained that this is the first game from a self-funded independent studio and that the team set out five years ago to create an original magic FPS in a new fantasy world. Along the way, they faced many challenges, including the pandemic, building a new team, and developing the game on Unreal Engine 5.1. However, the finish line is now in sight, and the recent feedback on the game has proven to the team that Immortals of Aveum is something special. To realise their full vision, the team needs a few extra weeks to further polish the game, finish optimising all platforms, and deliver a strong launch.

Robbins promised to release new information about the game in the coming weeks as the team prepares for a smooth launch. Given the uniqueness of Immortals of Aveum, which attempts to pioneer a new genre of first-person shooter games, and the risk of launching a new IP in a crowded market, this delay appears to be a well-founded decision.

GamesHub Preview

GamesHub recently had the opportunity to try out Immortals of Aveum and found it to be a unique take on magical warfare with plenty of intrigue in its scope. The game focuses on magic and spectacle, which is an interesting take on a modern shooter. Its familiar “rip and tear” style pace of FPS combat makes it a promising vessel. The hit of action that gets a player amped up and in the zone during chaotic moments is exciting to play out. The game is certainly worlds apart from Call of Duty or Doom in terms of style, but Immortals of Aveum feels like it’s aiming in the right direction.

Immortals of Aveum will stake its claim on the first-person shooter battlefield when it launches on 22 August 2023. The delay is a well-founded decision to ensure that the developers have sufficient time for additional polish and optimisation. The game promises to be a unique and exciting addition to the first-person shooter genre, and the team at Ascendant Studios and EA are fully committed to delivering a strong launch.


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