Artifact, the news app launched by Instagram’s co-founders, has introduced a new AI feature that allows users to summarise articles in varying tones. The app, which is available on the latest version, enables users to summarise an article by tapping the “Aa” icon at the top of the screen and selecting “Summarise”. The summary appears in a black box at the top of the screen. Users can also choose from different tones, including “Explain Like I’m Five”, “Emoji”, “Poem” and “Gen Z” by tapping the three dots menu in the black box.

Testing the AI Feature

The AI feature has been put to the test by users, including a recent review of Horizon Forbidden West: Forbidden Shores. The review was chosen because it was longer than other posts and contained both positive and negative aspects of the game. The AI feature performed well across all five tone options, with “Explain Like I’m Five” being particularly effective in its blunt brevity. Although the “Poem” tone was not entirely accurate, it was still able to evoke a smile.

Artifact’s Caution

Artifact has cautioned users that the AI feature can make mistakes, and therefore, users should read the full article to ensure that they get a complete understanding of the story, regardless of the tone they choose. However, the app’s introduction of different tone options has been welcomed by users who appreciate the need for information to be presented in a clear and concise manner.

In conclusion, Artifact’s new AI feature provides users with a unique way to summarise articles in different tones. While the app’s caution about the potential for mistakes is important to note, the introduction of different tones has made the app more user-friendly and appealing to those who want information presented in a more engaging manner.


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