On Sunday evening, Instagram experienced a major outage that lasted for a couple of hours. During the downtime, users were unable to refresh their feeds, and the website only displayed a blank page. According to the outage tracker DownDetector, there were over 175,000 reports of the issue at its peak. However, the issue was resolved within a couple of hours, and the app is back to normal.

The Outage

The issue started a few minutes after 6 PM ET, and the first reports of trouble quickly surfaced, with many users taking to social media to complain about the issue. The outage was acknowledged by Meta spokesperson Dave Arnold, who stated that the company was aware of the issue and was working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Other services belonging to Instagram’s parent company, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Horizon Worlds, were unaffected by the outage.

No Sign of Major Issues

Despite the widespread outage, there was no sign of a major data center backbone problem that took down the company’s services for hours in 2021. Additionally, Instagram’s help page and accounts on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter did not post any updates about the outage.

The Instagram outage affected millions of users and quickly made headlines in news reports. However, the issue was resolved within a couple of hours, and there were no signs of major issues affecting other services belonging to Meta. While the cause of the outage is unknown, the company has apologized for any inconvenience caused.


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