Nvidia’s new RTX 4060 Ti has been met with mixed reviews. At $400, it’s considerably more expensive than many gamers on a tight budget can afford. So, what should they do? Enter the Intel Arc A750 graphics card, which is now available for just $200.

Comparing to AMD RX 7600

The A750 is not only half the price of the RTX 4060 Ti, but it’s also cheaper than the new $300 AMD RX 7600. Sometimes, it’s even faster than the RX 7600. While the RX 7600 is about 10% faster than the A750 on average for standard raster games with no ray tracing enabled, the A750 is faster when ray tracing is enabled. It’s difficult to justify spending the extra $100 on an AMD board.

Comparing to Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti

The RTX 4060 Ti is around 60% faster than the A750 for standard raster performance at 1440p. However, it’s also twice the price, meaning it’s not accessible to a lot of people. The difference between 50 fps and 80 fps is noticeable, but it’s not a completely different experience. Turning on ray tracing sees the 4060 Ti being twice as fast as the A750 at 1440p, and it will sometimes be playable where the A750 usually won’t with ray-tracing enabled and maxed out textures at 1440p. Additionally, the RTX 4060 Ti has added benefits of DLSS and Frame Generation, which the A750 lacks.

Value for Money

At worst, the A750 is about half as good as the RTX 4060 Ti for half the price. But most of the time and by most measures, it’s better than that and thus offers better value for money. Moreover, sometimes the comparative numbers are irrelevant, especially on a limited budget. The A750 will average 60 fps at 1440p Ultra settings in a demanding game like Metro Exodus, which is a solid budget experience.

The Intel Arc A750 is a genuinely great buy for $200 and will deliver a solid gaming experience. It’s undoubtedly the best GPU you can currently buy for a budget build. The $200 price tag also means that you don’t have to feel ripped off by only having 8GB of VRAM. Intel’s driver quality is improving, and there’s a good chance those numbers will only get better. It’s time for Intel to take center stage in the GPU market, and the A750 is leading the way.


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