Intelligible Games has announced the release of Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher 2: Governments and Grievances, a sequel to their popular Ace Attorney-style argue ’em up game, Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher. The game, set to be released in 2024, is a fun way to learn about philosophical concepts and theories.


In Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher, players confront a variety of philosophers to discover the ultimate nature of morality. The game challenges players to uncover contradictions and missteps in various philosophical arguments. The sequel, Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher 2: Governments and Grievances, steps into the more specific realm of political philosophy.

Players take on the role of Ariadne Jones, daughter of Socrates Jones, the unfortunate accountant who got dragged into philosophy hell last game thanks to a name mixup. The game features an expanded cast of characters and dialogue options outside of the debates, promising a revamped, expressive art style.


Intelligible Games has not revealed which philosophers players will debate in the game. However, the teaser trailer features Machiavelli, and Confucius appears on the Steam page. Developer Connor Fallon revealed that Bertrand Russell, a personal favorite of the writer, is not included in the lineup but some of the things he talks about will be covered.


If you have not played Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher, you should try it for free on Steam. It is a fantastic way to learn about the major moral theories that have cropped up throughout history. The game’s humorous approach to philosophy makes it a fun and entertaining experience.

The announcement of Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher 2: Governments and Grievances is exciting news for fans of the first game and those interested in philosophy. The sequel promises to be bigger, better, and more philosophical, with expanded gameplay and a revamped art style. It is an excellent way to learn about political philosophy in a fun and engaging way.


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