As the anticipation for the new Legend of Zelda game, Tears of the Kingdom, grows, writer Gavin argues that it is time for Nintendo to revisit and polish up past greats, specifically the original Legend of Zelda. While the video game industry is often criticized for its overreliance on sequels, reboots and remasters, Gavin notes that revisiting and remastering past games can be beneficial for the industry, particularly because of the rapid advancement of technology.

Why Video Games are Different

Unlike Hollywood, where the basic cinematic form has remained the same for over a century, video games benefit from revisiting and polishing up past greats because of the evolution of technology, inputs, and displays. Old games can be altered for the better relatively quickly and easily, while keeping the base experience untouched and intact. Remastered games, such as Metroid Prime Remastered, can be accompanied by minor tweaks to the original experience, which can massively enhance older titles and make them accessible to a whole new audience.

The Case for a Legend of Zelda Remake

The original Legend of Zelda is a game that deserves to be showcased and played, particularly by younger gamers who adore Breath of the Wild and are losing their minds with excitement for Tears of the Kingdom. However, the original game can be hard for new players to enjoy in the same way because of its clunky controls and outdated graphics. Gavin argues that a remake of the game, either using the Link’s Awakening engine or a totally new top-down system, would be a great way to showcase the game’s brilliance and make it accessible to a whole new generation of gamers.

In conclusion, while some may be cynical about remasters and remakes, Gavin argues that revisiting and remastering past games can be beneficial for the industry and that it’s time for Nintendo to give The Legend of Zelda the remake treatment it deserves. The game is certainly robust enough to shine without a total overhaul, and a remake would allow younger gamers to easily trace the lineage from 1986 to today.


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