Fantavision, a colour-matching puzzle game about firework displays, was re-released on Steam last month as a launch game for PSVR2. The original game was developed in 2000 by Sony’s now-shuttered Japan Studio and published by Sony themselves.

New Release on Steam

The re-release of Fantavision, now called Fantavision 202X, on Steam is credited to Cosmo Machia, who previously handled Steam ports of PS2 shmup Castle OF Shikigami and its sequel. Although the game’s original developer and publisher were Sony, the new release on Steam is a product of Cosmo Machia. The game costs £15/$20 on Steam and supports 4K resolutions and has a replay mode.

About the Game

Fantavision is a real-time puzzle game where players match flares with different colours and symbols. The aim is to control the direction of a beam and match three or more flares, which can then be detonated, causing them to explode like colourful fireworks. The game was designed in part to show off the particle effects of the PlayStation 2 when it was launched in 2000. Despite being 23 years old, the particle effects are still pleasing to the eye. With VR support, the game’s visuals are expected to look even better.

In conclusion, the re-release of Fantavision on Steam has brought back memories for players who enjoyed playing the game on PlayStation 2. The game’s VR support, 4K resolution and replay mode make it more appealing to modern-day gamers. Despite being developed two decades ago, the game’s visuals are still impressive, and its gameplay mechanics are still fun to play, making it a great addition to the gaming library.


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