In the thrilling world of John Wick, there were two potential endings to the highly anticipated Chapter 4. However, director Chad Stahelski and star Keanu Reeves ultimately decided to include the conclusion that resonated with them the most. Warning: major spoilers ahead.

At the end of Chapter 4, viewers witness a scene where Winston and the Bowery King stand solemnly over what appears to be Wick’s grave, implying that the legendary assassin has met his demise. This somber moment follows a intense duel between Wick and Caine, portrayed by the talented Donnie Yen, which proves to be fatal for both assassins.

Yet, the fact that Wick’s death occurs off screen leaves room for speculation about his ultimate fate. Stahelski openly admitted to Empire that the film originally had a different ending: one that explicitly showed Wick alive. However, after testing the film with audiences, it became clear that they preferred the enigmatic conclusion.

The Concept of a Good Death

Stahelski revealed that the idea of Wick’s death was the foundation for Chapter 4. Influenced by the principles of samurai etiquette described in the book “Hagakure: The Way of Dying,” the director and his team were determined to explore the concept of a good death. They believed that a good life was a prerequisite for a good death. As Stahelski explained, this idea served as their guiding principle from the very beginning of the creative process, even jotting down the phrase “you can only have a good death if you had a good life” on a napkin in Japan three years prior.

The Uncertain Future of John Wick

The shocking ending of John Wick 4 left fans questioning the fate of their beloved protagonist. However, Lionsgate confirmed earlier this year that there will indeed be a John Wick 5, potentially suggesting that Wick may still be alive. Yet, Stahelski himself expressed uncertainty about the future of the franchise, admitting, “I honestly don’t know” during his interview with Empire.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Wick’s future, the franchise will continue expanding with new characters and stories. Ana De Armas is set to star in “The Ballerina,” a film scheduled for a June 2024 premiere, which will explore the world of assassins from a different perspective. Additionally, fans can look forward to “The Continental,” a Peacock series slated for release in September, which delves into the backstory of a young Winston as he takes over the famed New York hotel for assassins.

The Legacy Lives On

While John Wick’s fate remains ambiguous, the impact of the franchise will undoubtedly endure. The complex characters, high-octane action, and intricate world-building have captivated audiences worldwide. With the forthcoming spin-offs and potential sequels, the legacy of John Wick will continue to thrive, even if the iconic assassin himself may or may not be a part of it.


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