Knack, the lovable underdog, defies conventional expectations as he embarks on his journey. Although it may seem peculiar to identify with a protagonist lacking a defined shape, there is an undeniable charm to Knack that resonates with all of us. Despite his prickly exterior, Knack possesses the qualities of a true hero, making his story all the more gratifying.

Origin and Purpose

Crafted by the desperate Doctor Vargas from a collection of energy-infused artifacts, Knack’s existence serves a specific mission – safeguarding humanity from an imminent goblin invasion. While the precise origins of Knack’s individual components remain enigmatic, he swiftly discovers his true calling: protecting Doctor Vargas and Lucas, his young lab assistant. Together, the three form an unexpected bond, resembling a family dynamic rather than a wielder and an ancient weapon.

A Role Model with Hidden Strength

Knack’s calm demeanor and innate problem-solving skills make him an exemplary role model for Lucas. However, don’t be deceived by his gentle nature, as Knack proves to be a formidable fighter when circumstances demand it. With the unique ability to assimilate relics from the environment and increase in size, Knack swiftly outgrows his original small stature. Within a single level, he transforms into a skyscraper-sized behemoth, rendering once-threatening enemies as mere nuisances beneath his colossal toes.

The Endearing Imperfections of Knack

When examining Knack’s journey in its entirety, it becomes apparent that his imperfections contribute to his remarkable heroism. Unlike other characters who require entire games or even series to evolve, Knack undergoes a rapid transformation within a short span. This extraordinary growth sets Knack apart, making him a truly special hero worth celebrating. As we commemorate the 10th anniversary of Knack’s debut as a launch title for the PS4, it is time to appreciate the unique qualities that make Knack deserving of our admiration.


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