Lies of P, an upcoming Soulslike game, has been gaining a lot of attention lately due to its unique and interesting gameplay mechanics. Despite its silly name, the game has managed to impress many gamers and critics alike with its cool-looking visuals and promising gameplay features.

The “P-Organ” Upgrade System

Recently, the developers of Lies of P have revealed a new upgrade system called the “P-Organ.” However, the name of the system has left many members of the GamesRadar+ editorial team feeling perplexed and amused due to its association with male genitalia.

The P-Organ upgrade system allows players to upgrade their character by using Quartz to optimize the P-Organ to their liking. Players can select which slots to unlock depending on their preference, and decrypting an entire group of slots will prompt a new set of special synergy effects.

Interacting with the “P-Organ”

If you want to see and interact with the P-Organ for yourself, you can try out the Lies of P demo that was launched during Summer Game Fest. This will give you a chance to experience what seems to be a legitimately promising Soulslike game and get hands-on time with the P-Organ upgrade system.

The Final Verdict

Despite the silly name of the upgrade system, Lies of P seems to be a game worth checking out. Its unique gameplay mechanics and cool-looking visuals make it stand out from other Soulslike games. The P-Organ upgrade system adds an interesting layer of customization to the game, making it even more appealing to players who enjoy this genre.

The P-Organ may have a funny name, but it is a serious addition to Lies of P’s gameplay mechanics. It will be interesting to see how players utilize this upgrade system when the game is released.


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