According to producer Takashi Tokita, a sequel to the hit RPG Live A Live may be possible if the recent remake sells well enough on PlayStation and Steam. In a recent video, Tokita answered questions from fans, one of which was about the possibility of a Live A Live II. He stated that if the Steam and PlayStation editions of the game can sell a million copies, then he would be confident in proposing a sequel to the company.

The Live A Live remake was launched for Nintendo Switch in 2022 and has sold at least 500,000 copies. However, it is unclear how well the game has performed commercially on other platforms. It was later released on PS4, PS5, and PC via Steam in 2023 and was critically well-received.

The Original Game and the Remake

Live A Live is a remake of the Super Famicom 1994 original, which was only released in Japan. The remake marked the first time the game was playable worldwide. It is currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and PC.

Influence of Manga Artists and Future Collaborations

Tokita also discussed the influence of manga artists on the world of Live A Live in the video. He expressed his desire to work with a variety of creators, not just manga artists, and to collaborate with creators from around the world on a new game.

Call to Action for Fans

Tokita ended the video by urging fans to support the game’s sales, stating that he needs all of their help in making a Live A Live 2 proposal to the company a reality.

The possibility of a Live A Live sequel seems to rest on the success of the recent remake on PlayStation and Steam. Tokita’s desire to work with a variety of creators and collaborate on a new game suggests that a potential sequel could bring exciting new ideas and perspectives to the world of Live A Live. Fans can show their support by purchasing the game and potentially making a sequel a reality.


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