Playing as a postal carrier can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, as seen in games such as Tiny Echo and Lake. And that’s exactly the tone that solo developer Kela van der Deijl has captured in their cutesy mail-delivery game Mail Time. The game will be released on Steam on April 27th, and after trying out the demo, I can say that it’s one of the most charming games I’ve played all year.

The Gameplay

In Mail Time, players take on the role of a newly trained mail scout, tasked with delivering mail and helping woodland creatures in Grumblewood Grove with their requests. The gameplay involves a lot of busy work, such as finding bottle caps and delivering mail, but there’s also some light platforming involved that’s focused around exploration. Players can jump incredibly high, use mushrooms to boost themselves into the air, and even glide from the highest branch back down to the undergrowth.

The Cast of Characters

One of the best things about Mail Time is its cast of woodland locals. From Barb the hedgehog to Toph the bat, each character has a charming design with a children’s book quality. The character creator allows players to choose from cute hairstyles and backpacks, adding to the cozy cottagecore vibes of the game.

Every time a new character is introduced, it’s easy to claim them as a favorite due to their unique personalities and appearances. Daisy the tall rabbit with almost half-height ears and Swomp the possum who loves explosives and macaroni are just a few examples. The big purple cat called Kiki, who seems to be a landlord, also has an adorable bell and bow.

The Conclusion

Overall, Mail Time is a fun and relaxing game that’s perfect for anyone looking to unwind. Its laid-back task-ticking and platforming make for a charming experience, and the game’s warm visuals are reminiscent of a freshly baked loaf of bread. Mail Time will be out on Steam this Thursday, so gamers won’t have to wait long to don their own mushroom hat and postal bag.


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