Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores is an expansion to the popular game Horizon Forbidden West. In this expansion, players venture south to the ruins of Los Angeles where they can expect heavy resistance from both man and machine. However, players can rely on Aloy’s skills to overcome these challenges.

Chain Burst Skill

One savvy player recently demonstrated on the Horizon subreddit how to take down tricky foes quickly and easily. The player, known as Uber_Meese, was able to defeat a group of level 50 rebels on ultra-hard difficulty with minimal effort using the Machine Master skill Chain Burst. This skill not only deals considerable damage to the target but also to surrounding enemies. By pairing it with the Sharpshot Bow Ivriv’s Downfall, Elite Precision Arrows and Focused Shot, all four foes were taken down in a matter of seconds using just two arrows.

Review Bombing

Unfortunately, the Burning Shores expansion received negative reviews from players who were unhappy with its length and story elements. This led to Metacritic promising “stricter moderation” of “abusive and disrespectful reviews” in the future.

Future of Horizon Forbidden West

Despite the negative reviews, developer Guerrilla Games is expanding the world of Horizon with Aloy’s next adventure and an exciting online project. While the next game in the series is not likely to be unveiled anytime soon, fans can look forward to more adventures in the Horizon universe.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores may have its challenges, but with the right skills and loadout, players can overcome them. The Chain Burst skill paired with the Sharpshot Bow is a powerful tool for taking down groups of enemies quickly. And with the promise of more adventures in the Horizon universe, fans have much to look forward to.


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