When Metroid Dread was released in 2021, it received widespread acclaim and reinvigorated fans’ love for the franchise. Not only did it become the fastest-selling Metroid game in the UK, US, and Japan, but it also holds the title of being the best-selling Metroid game of all time. Despite these achievements, previous reports suggested that there were challenges and potential issues within developer MercurySteam during the game’s development. Anait Games, for example, shed light on mishandling of resources and a lack of trust from project leads. However, in a recent interview with Game Reactor, MercurySteam co-founder Enric Álvarez defended the development process and highlighted the efficiency of the team.

According to Álvarez, the development of Metroid Dread was not chaotic as some reports suggested. He argued that a chaotic development would not result in one of the best games in the franchise, a game that has sold over three million copies, and a game that has won awards like The Game Awards. Álvarez’s statement emphasizes that the end result speaks for itself and demonstrates the team’s ability to deliver a high-quality game.

Álvarez also discussed MercurySteam’s collaboration with Nintendo during the development of Metroid Dread. He described it as a “game-changing experience” and expressed his admiration for working with the Japanese team. The partnership with Nintendo allowed MercurySteam to raise their standards and strive to meet the exceptionally high expectations set by the renowned company. Weekly meetings and periodic visits to Japan created a close working relationship between the two studios, which contributed to the successful development of Metroid Dread.

Future Projects and Team Dynamics

When asked about the possibility of future Metroid games from MercurySteam, Álvarez remained tight-lipped and did not provide any hints about upcoming projects. However, he did address the status of Jose Luis Márquez, the Game Director for Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Dread. Álvarez confirmed that Márquez is still with the studio, without providing further details. Although not revealing, this information reassures fans that the creative force behind the recent 2D Metroid games continues to be part of MercurySteam’s team.

While reports hinted at potential issues within MercurySteam during the development of Metroid Dread, Enric Álvarez’s interview sheds light on a different perspective. He asserts that the development process was not chaotic, given the exceptional end result and achievements of the game. Furthermore, Álvarez emphasizes the positive collaboration with Nintendo, which served as a transformative experience for his team. While details about future projects remain undisclosed, the confirmation of Jose Luis Márquez’s continued involvement provides reassurance to fans that the studio’s creative talent remains intact. With the success of Metroid Dread, both critically and commercially, MercurySteam’s contribution to the revival of the franchise is undeniable.


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