Meta, the company behind the virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds, has announced a collaboration with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to create a special UFC-themed experience within the social VR platform. Users will be able to access a dedicated UFC zone where they can watch 4K, 180-degree streams of fights, interact with fellow players, explore a virtual recreation of the Octagon, and participate in in-world games to unlock exclusive rewards and potentially become a UFC Hall of Famer. The launch of the UFC zone is scheduled for November.

Meta has been actively developing tailored experiences on Horizon Worlds to attract and retain users on the platform. While the UFC zone might not appeal to everyone, it is part of Meta’s larger efforts to provide a diverse range of activities and content. The platform has reportedly faced challenges in retaining users, and these tailored experiences, such as the recently launched Super Rumble first-person shooter, aim to address this issue. Meta has stated that Super Rumble is just the beginning, with more Worlds experiences planned, offering improved graphics, deeper gameplay, and a variety of quests and rewards.

As Meta expands Horizon Worlds beyond virtual reality, it is crucial to offer engaging experiences across different platforms. The company is rumored to be launching a mobile version of Horizon Worlds, possibly during its Connect event on September 27th. Additionally, Meta has confirmed that it is working on a web version of the app. By making Horizon Worlds accessible on multiple devices, Meta hopes to increase user adoption and foster a thriving community.

VR Viewing of UFC Fights

In addition to the UFC-themed zone within Horizon Worlds, Meta also revealed a schedule of upcoming UFC fights that users can watch in virtual reality on Quest headsets through the Xtadium app. To access this feature, users will need a UFC Fight Pass subscription. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has a personal interest in combat sports as an avid Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, may be among those tuning in to watch the fights in VR.

Meta’s collaboration with the UFC to create a dedicated UFC zone in Horizon Worlds represents another step in Meta’s ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement on its social VR platform. By offering unique experiences like Super Rumble and the forthcoming UFC-themed zone, Meta aims to attract and retain users across various platforms. With the expansion of Horizon Worlds to mobile devices and the development of a web version, Meta is set to broaden its user base and create a dynamic community of virtual reality enthusiasts. Whether you’re a UFC fan or not, Meta’s Horizon Worlds continues to evolve, providing immersive experiences for users to explore.


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