In an attempt to broaden its horizons, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is on the brink of introducing a mobile version of its Horizon Worlds metaverse social platform. This eagerly awaited release will allow Meta to extend its reach beyond its existing Quest VR devices.

Mobile Version Development

Although no specific launch date has been revealed, Meta has been diligently working on developing a mobile-native experience. Vishal Shah, Meta’s metaverse VP, disclosed that a working version of the mobile app was created last year. However, it was not released due to its similarities to a VR game rather than offering a truly mobile-native experience. When pressed for a timeline, Shah refrained from providing an exact release date.

Despite Meta’s earlier announcement in January, where they hinted at the imminent launch of the Horizon Worlds mobile app, users are still eagerly waiting for its release. Unfortunately, Meta has been tight-lipped about offering any updates regarding the timing for the mobile and web versions of the app.

In an attempt to generate interest and gather feedback, Meta plans to invite selected developers to beta test the mobile platform using Super Rumble, a recently launched shooter game within Horizon Worlds. Super Rumble boasts visually appealing graphics, thanks to the incorporation of imported objects, assets, and textures, a previously unavailable feature in the game. While initially limited to a select group of developers, the asset-importing capability will gradually be made available to a wider audience.

Comparing Popularity: Threads App vs. Horizon Worlds

While Threads, Meta’s recently launched app, has exceeded 100 million users, comparing these numbers to Horizon Worlds’ user base is not entirely fair. Threads is a free smartphone app, whereas Horizon Worlds currently requires a Quest VR headset to access. However, the introduction of a mobile version of Horizon Worlds will enable Meta to compete more effectively with popular social gaming platforms like Fortnite and Roblox, offering similar social gaming and creation experiences.

Interestingly, while Meta is embracing mobile accessibility, Roblox is venturing into the VR space. Recently, Roblox launched an open beta version compatible with Quest headsets, indicating their interest in tapping into the VR market. Both Meta and Roblox are evidently seeking to expand their platforms beyond their traditional user bases to explore new opportunities and stay ahead in the ever-evolving virtual world space.

Potential Impact and Conclusion

Meta’s forthcoming mobile version of Horizon Worlds holds the promise of opening new possibilities for the company, empowering it to effectively compete with other social gaming platforms. However, the lack of a specific release timeline makes it challenging to determine when users can expect to access the mobile app. Nevertheless, this development underscores the ongoing evolution of the metaverse and the escalating competition within the virtual world domain. As users eagerly await the mobile version, the success of Meta’s endeavor is yet to be determined.


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