Microsoft has recently revamped its Xbox Home UI to allow better utilization of background images and provide easy access to the important features of the Xbox dashboard. The company has halted the testing of an upcoming Xbox Home UI to rework it, and the outcome seems to be a significant improvement for Xbox users.

The latest Xbox Home UI moves the tiles of games and apps downwards to provide more space for users to view their background images. Additionally, the size of the tiles has been reduced, and a new responsive game art has been added that updates the background when you hover over certain games and apps.

Floating UI for Quick Access

The new interface also incorporates a floating UI that offers quick access to the game and app library, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, search, and settings. This menu provides a hassle-free way for users to navigate the Xbox dashboard and access their entire gaming library without having to go through the usual parts of the dashboard.

The new Xbox Home UI is currently being tested by Alpha Skip-Ahead and Alpha Xbox Insider testing rings this week, and it is likely to be rolled out to Xbox consoles in the coming months.

According to Ivy Krislov, senior product manager lead for Xbox experiences, the company designed hundreds of options, refined them with prototypes, and finally user-tested them in their research labs until they found a design that balances the user experience, accessibility, function, and the needs of the community.

In conclusion, the new Xbox Home UI redesign is a welcome change for Xbox users as it offers a much more effortless way of accessing their gaming library while providing a visually appealing background image experience.


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