Capybara Games, the indie game developer behind popular games like Sword & Sworcery and Below, first made a name for themselves with their puzzle-strategy game, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. The game was developed for Ubisoft and released on Nintendo DS in 2009. The game was later released on PC in 2011 with updated graphics.

Now, Dotemu is releasing a Definitive Edition of the game, complete with updated character art, quality-of-life improvements, and rebalanced multiplayer. The game is a turn-based battle game that pits you against AI or human opponents. Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert has described it as a “game design gem,” and it’s not hard to see why.

A Clever Combat System

The game’s combat system is where the real cleverness lies. You form offensive and defensive combinations by stacking units in lines and rows. It’s smarter and more surprising than a match-three game, but it retains some of the approachability of Puzzle Quest.

The battles are strung together across maps in which you, as one of 15 available characters, explore, chat with NPCs, and take on sidequests. There’s none of the kingdom management from the main series Might & Magic games, but the result is a fast-paced, relaxing, and engrossing game.

Launch Details

Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Definitive Edition will launch via Steam sometime this summer. The release will feature updated graphics, quality-of-life improvements, and rebalanced multiplayer. Unfortunately, this does mean that the non-Definitive release is no longer available for sale on Steam.

Final Thoughts

Fans of Capybara Games and Might & Magic will be excited to hear about the upcoming release of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Definitive Edition. The updated graphics, quality-of-life improvements, and rebalanced multiplayer will make the game even better than before. The game’s clever combat system and fast-paced gameplay make it a must-play for fans of puzzle-strategy games.


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