Modding and recreating Nintendo’s past systems is a popular hobby among gamers. Recently, a modder and YouTuber Jon Bringus (Bringus Studios) created a “Wii XL” project, which is a much larger version of the original Wii system. The modder believed that the Wii “could be improved” by simply making it bigger.

The Result

The end result is a functional system that is “12 times larger by volume” than the original model. It can still play both Wii and GameCube titles, and it comes with some improvements such as HDMI support. Every button of the Wii is accessible from the front panel. Power and reset are their own buttons that go right to the actual buttons on the Wii. By flipping down the SD card door, users can have access to the SD card as well as the eject button.

The Sync Button

Admittedly, access to the sync button was a bit of an afterthought, and the best way to get to it is to poke it from the DVD slot. To keep things simple, there’s no sensor bar port, and a wireless battery-powered sensor bar can be used instead.

The Display

Inside the system, there’s a Wii HDMI adapter that can scale the Wii all the way up to 1080p for use on modern displays. However, there is no CRT compatibility here.

This “Wii XL” project is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of modders who are passionate about gaming. The larger size of the system may not be practical for everyday use, but it is a fun and unique addition to any gamer’s collection.


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