In 2023, the closure of numerous big multiplayer games has been witnessed, leading to the genre’s saturation. Developers have failed to create the next big Destiny-like game, as their dreams have collapsed gradually. As a result, the servers have been left empty, and the cost of maintaining them has become too high. The genre has reached a tipping point, and the release of five more multiplayer shooters, which lack innovation, has not helped. The question arises: Who is the target audience for these games? Most multiplayer shooter enthusiasts have time for only one or two games, and the big hitters like Destiny have already swallowed their player base. Therefore, it is time to say no more. The genre has reached saturation, and the release of more games only leads to their folding within the first six months.

The New Releases

The reveal trailer of Concord does not give any indication that it is a PVP multiplayer shooter game. Although the sci-fi whateveritis with its weird space burgers, detailed ship innards, and enigmatic blinking lights appears promising, the PlayStation Blog post reveals the sad truth. The game is “a bringing together of peoples,” where each log on will bring you “a new adventure,” and every match “is an opportunity for a new story.” However, this tells us nothing, and it is unlikely that players will ditch Destiny for Concord.

Helldivers The 1st is a good game. Helldivers 2 might get a pass, primarily because it is co-op rather than competitive. The reveal of four caped super soldiers that look like they have just walked off the set of The Mandalorian does not help its cause. The execution of Helldivers 2 will be stayed, but its progress will be monitored closely.

Marathon’s reveal trailer looks impressive, with oozing paint spirals and cold, white plastic faces of its crash test dummy robot characters. However, Marathon is a PVP only game, with no single-player campaign or anything to suggest that its drive for “player-driven stories” won’t end with a player getting headshot every 30 seconds.

Fairgame$, from Jade Raymond’s studio Haven, is a PVP competitive heist game where players steal from the mega-rich and give to themselves. Playing as a bunch of pepped up loot monkeys makes the game unappealing. Although IOI’s Hitman World Of Assassination Trilogy does an excellent job of bringing mega-rich spaces to life, the tone of an extraction shooter is challenging to get right. The CGI reveal trailer of Fairgame$ lacks clarity and suggests that the game does not know what it wants to be.

Foamstars is not yet confirmed for PC. The game is a blatant rip-off of Splatoon’s homework, and its attempt to stand out by ripping off Prey’s glue gun shall not stand. This game is destined for the drain.

The saturation of the market has led to the closure of numerous big multiplayer games. The developers have failed to create an innovative game, and the release of five new multiplayer shooters only adds to the saturation. The target audience for these games is limited, and the genre has reached its tipping point. The new releases, including Concord, Helldivers 2, Marathon, Fairgame$, and Foamstars, have not shown any innovation and are not likely to replace the big hitters like Destiny.


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