The impending shutdown of several third-party apps, such as Apollo for Reddit, rif is fun for Reddit (RIF), and BaconReader, has left many Reddit users grieving. However, there is good news for fans of Narwhal for Reddit, as this popular app will continue to be available even after the June 30th deadline. In a post on the r/getnarwhal subreddit, Narwhal developer Rick Harrison (also known as det0ur on Reddit) assured users that the app will remain operational, albeit without ads.

Harrison also shared his plans for the future of Narwhal. He revealed that in the coming months, he will introduce subscriptions as part of “Narwal 2” to cover the new costs associated with using Reddit’s API. While the exact pricing is not yet confirmed, Harrison mentioned that the subscriptions will likely range between $4 to $7 per month. This update should come as a relief to Narwhal enthusiasts, especially considering Harrison’s initial pessimism regarding the app’s future earlier this month.

Harrison explained that the main factor contributing to this change in outlook was his acceptance of the new circumstances. He acknowledged that Narwhal is undergoing significant transformations to ensure its continuity. As part of the update, Narwhal 2 will feature a complete rewrite, including an updated design and new functionality. Harrison also confirmed that every user will be required to have a subscription to use the app. However, there may be a trial period of thirty to sixty minutes for users upon initial download.

Regarding the costs associated with the app, Harrison stated that they would be scaled “per user,” implying that he may not require any additional funding. He intends to monitor API calls per user over the next few weeks to determine the final subscription price. However, when asked if he had reached any agreement with Reddit, Harrison declined to comment. Efforts to obtain a response from Reddit regarding this matter are still ongoing.

Narwhal is not the only app that will persist despite the changes. The developer of MultiTab for Reddit announced that they are raising the price of the app’s subscriptions to either $2.99 per month or $6.99 per year. Additionally, the developer of the Android app Infinity for Reddit plans to transition it into a subscription-only app, with an estimated cost of $3 per subscription. In the event that the app is removed from Google Play, users will still be able to access it through GitHub.

The developer of Relay for Reddit also expressed that the app may survive with a paid subscription model. Furthermore, accessibility exemptions have been granted to RedReader, Dystopia, and Luna, allowing them to remain available. If there are any other apps that will still be usable after June 30th, users are encouraged to contact to provide additional information.

While a few third-party options will remain, the departure of popular apps like Apollo and RIF will undoubtedly disappoint long-time users. However, depending on the timing of reading this article, there may still be a brief window to utilize these apps. Christian Selig, the developer of Apollo, plans to deactivate the app a few hours before July 1st. Similarly, Andrew Shu, the developer of RIF, intends to disable the app after 11:59PM PT on June 30th.

Narwhal for Reddit will continue its operations, albeit with the introduction of subscriptions to cover API costs. Despite the shutdown of various third-party apps, Narwhal’s persistence will provide a sense of relief for its dedicated users. With the implementation of Narwal 2, featuring design updates and new functionalities, the app aims to adapt and endure the changing landscape of Reddit.


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