Fans of The Witcher on Netflix can look forward to the upcoming season 3 as Netflix has just dropped the first official tease for the monster-hunting swan song. The hype machine started earlier with a tweet of Geralt, Ciri, and Yennerfer, along with a brief message: “Hold tight. ‘Til tomorrow.”

Henry Cavill as Geralt

For those who are confused, the image shows Henry Cavill as Geralt. Cavill famously bailed on The Witcher after the revival of Superman, and is being replaced by Liam Hemsworth, but not until season 4. Cavill will continue to portray Geralt through season 3. The looming torch-pass has led to quite a few Twitter followers mourning the end of the series after this “final” season, the implication being that once Cavill leaves, so will they.

Speculations Arise

There has been no further word about what Netflix’s tweet might mean. The Witcher season 3 is expected to arrive this summer, so it’s about time for the marketing machine to fire up, but there’s no overlooking that “’til tomorrow” bit. Is Geralt simply telling Ciri to be brave? Or is something bigger happening—a season 3 preview, perhaps? Netflix hasn’t said, but you can bet that lots of people are eager to know. Fans have been asking about the real hero of the series, who was noticeably absent from today’s tease. Unfortunately, there’s been no further word about what Netflix’s tweet might mean.

In conclusion, Netflix has teased fans with the first official tease for The Witcher season 3. Fans can expect Henry Cavill to continue portraying Geralt through season 3 before he is replaced by Liam Hemsworth in season 4. While speculations arise with Netflix’s tweet, fans will just have to wait for the upcoming season 3 to arrive to know what is in store.


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