The search for a news editor at RPS has finally concluded, bringing an end to a process that has spanned a considerable amount of time. Today, we are excited to introduce Edwin Evans-Thirlwell as the newest member of the RPS team.

Many of you may already be familiar with Edwin’s work on RPS. He has written various articles and features for us over the past eight years. Some notable pieces include his exploration of how Hardspace: Shipbreaker became the final frontier for the video game union movement, and his insightful analysis on why game developers have an affinity for playing Tarot.

Edwin’s expertise extends beyond RPS, having contributed to other prominent video game sites and magazines such as Eurogamer, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Edge magazine. His ability to uncover unique and captivating stories is truly remarkable.

With Edwin joining the team, we now have an interesting balance between Eds and Alices in the Treehouse. This development sparks curiosity about the future direction of our close-knit community. Will this bring about a rival schism, leading us on an uncharted path of conflict? Or perhaps it will usher in an era of mutual harmony and collaboration? Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, though – our paperwork might need some updates later this week to redefine the criteria for working at RPS.

Extend a Warm Welcome to Edwin

As we embark on this new chapter with Edwin, we urge you, our valued readers, to extend a warm welcome to him. Join us in the comments section below to share your greetings and best wishes for his journey at RPS. We are thrilled to have him onboard and eager to witness the valuable contributions he will bring to our news desk.

The addition of Edwin Evans-Thirlwell to the RPS team marks an exciting milestone in our ongoing pursuit of delivering top-notch gaming news and features. With his wealth of experience and unique perspective, we anticipate a bright future ahead for RPS. Stay tuned for more fantastic content from our newly expanded team.


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