The upcoming sequel to the Tim Burton-directed horror comedy Beetlejuice has added two new cast members. Willem Dafoe and Monica Belluci are joining the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The news was initially leaked by Giant Freaking Robot.

The sequel began production last week, and the casting process is in full swing. Belluci will play the role of Beetlejuice’s ghoulish wife, while Jenna Ortega has been cast as the daughter of Lydia Deetz, who will be played once again by Winona Ryder. Catherine O’Hara will also be returning to the cast, alongside new addition Justin Theroux.

Burton will return as both director and producer for the sequel, with Brad Pitt’s Plan B also producing. The screenplay was written by Al Gough and Miles Millar, creators of the Netflix series Wednesday and the Superman prequel Smallville.

While the details of the sequel’s storyline remain under wraps, it has been confirmed that Dafoe will play an underworld cop. The first movie delved into the inner workings of the afterlife, revealing its complexities and bureaucracies.

Beetlejuice 2, as it is now simply called, is slated for release in September 2024. Fans of the original film have been eagerly anticipating the sequel and are excited to see what the new cast members will bring to the franchise.


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