Apex Legends Season 17, Arsenal, is just around the corner, and developer Respawn Entertainment has released a gameplay trailer that gives players a glimpse of what to expect. The new season will feature a range of updates, including a new Weapons Mastery system, a revamped Firing Range, and a new playable character, Ballistic. However, what really caught players’ attention was the new Point of Interest (POI) on World’s Edge, the Apex Museum.

Updates to Ranked Mode and Weapons Mastery System

While the gameplay trailer didn’t reveal much about the updates to Ranked Mode, players can expect some changes when Season 17 goes live. Additionally, the new Weapons Mastery system will provide daily players with something new to grind for, with six tiers for each weapon and a unique reward for each tier.

New POI and Revamped Firing Range

The new POI on World’s Edge, the Apex Museum, provides players with a history of the Apex Games, including the biographies of all the current competitors. The museum is the brainchild of Torres “Duardo” Silva, the CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals and the villainous mastermind behind the Mercenary Syndicate. Meanwhile, the Firing Range has been revamped once again, with the possibility of the unreleased “Intro to Apex” tutorial trailer finally making its way into the game.

New Survival Items and Evac Tower

The gameplay trailer also revealed a new type of redeploy balloon, the Evac Tower, which players can use to make a quick escape. The Evac Tower can be placed anywhere outdoors and self-destructs after use. This new survival item could prove useful in a variety of situations and adds an extra layer of strategy to the game.

Apex Legends Season 17 promises to be an exciting update for players, with new content and features that will keep them engaged for hours. The new Weapons Mastery system and updates to Ranked Mode will provide daily players with new goals to achieve, while the revamped Firing Range and new POI will add to the overall gameplay experience. The season is set to launch on Tuesday, May 9 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET, so be sure to finish up any outstanding challenges before the new season goes live.


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