Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will notify users when AI has been used to create content on the platform. This development comes after tech giants like Meta, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI made commitments to the White House regarding responsible AI development. By implementing a labeling system, Instagram aims to inform users about AI-generated content and promote transparency. This article explores the discovery of the new feature and its potential implications.

Instagram’s AI Notice

App researcher Alessandro Paluzzi recently shared a screenshot of an Instagram page that contains a notice stating, “the creator or Meta said that this content was created or edited with AI.” The notice acknowledges that a specific image has been “generated by Meta AI” and provides a brief explanation of generative AI and how to identify posts that use AI. While the exact workings of the labeling system remain unclear, the mention of “Meta said” implies that the tech company may proactively apply the notice instead of relying solely on user disclosures. However, Meta has refrained from making any official comments regarding the matter.

The introduction of AI labeling is crucial in combatting the potential spread of misinformation. Earlier this year, a picture of the pope wearing a fashionable jacket went viral, highlighting the ease with which AI-generated images can be disseminated. Although this particular image was proven to be harmless, it served as a reminder of the dangers of AI-generated misinformation, especially when applied to satellite imagery and political photos. By implementing AI transparency, Instagram aims to protect its users and promote responsible content sharing.

Meta’s AI Developments

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has recently open-sourced its large language model called LLaMA 2. However, it has not yet widely released consumer-oriented generative AI features for its products. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has mentioned that Meta is working on features such as using text prompts to modify photos for Instagram Stories. Additionally, app researcher Paluzzi has discovered signs of an upcoming “AI brush” feature that would enable users to add or replace specific elements in their images. Furthermore, The Financial Times has reported that Meta may introduce an AI chatbot ‘personas’ feature in the next month.

Google’s Contribution to AI Transparency

Google has also recognized the need for transparency in AI-generated content. The company has announced an upcoming tool called “About this image,” which will enable users to determine if an image has been AI-generated. This feature, set to launch this summer, will provide valuable insights into the first place an image was indexed by Google, aiding in the verification of its authenticity.

As AI continues to evolve, it becomes increasingly important to address the potential risks, including the spread of misinformation. Instagram’s new AI notice feature aims to promote transparency and ensure that users are aware of AI-generated content on the platform. By implementing such measures, platforms like Instagram and Google are taking significant steps towards responsible AI development.


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