Nintendo has recently announced that Bandai Namco’s Switch Online title PAC-MAN 99 will be discontinued on October 8, 2023. However, players can still enjoy the game in offline mode, including any additional paid content they purchased.

Bandai Namco’s official Pac-Man website has provided further details regarding the shutdown process. Paid custom themes and the Deluxe Pack & Mode Unlocks will end before the online services (and distribution of the main game) are discontinued on October 8, 2023.

Here is the full schedule of the shutdown:

– August 8, 2023 (Tue) 8:00 AM PDT: Discontinued content – Paid custom themes
– September 8, 2023 (Fri) 8:00 AM PDT: Discontinued content – PAC-MAN 99 Deluxe Pack / PAC-MAN 99 Mode Unlock
– October 8, 2023 (Sun) 9:00 PM PDT: Discontinuation of online services for the main game / distribution of the main game and free custom themes

Pac-Man 99 and Its Popularity

Pac-Man 99 was introduced on the Switch in 2021 as a benefit for Nintendo Switch Online members. It is following the footsteps of Nintendo’s Tetris 99 and the now discontinued Super Mario Bros. 35. Since its launch, it has already garnered more than 9 million downloads.

The online service shutting down has sparked mixed reactions from players. However, with the availability of offline mode, players can still enjoy the game. It is advised for those who haven’t downloaded the game and any DLC to do so before the shutdown schedule.


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