Nvidia has introduced its new superchip, the Grace Hopper, which is capable of packing 576GB of GPU memory, including 96GB of HBM3 memory and 480GB of LPDDR5. The Grace Hopper is a mega superserver that comes with 72 ARM CPUs and has practically the entire computer on it. Nvidia is planning to put eight of these superchips inside the DGX GH200, which is a couple of racks worth of AI servers. The eight Grace Hopper chips in the DGX GH200 have 900GB/s worth of chip to chip links from NVLink switches, which brings the computing power to an exaflop.

The DGX GH200

The DGX GH200 is a massive server that is equipped with 150 miles of fiber optic cables and 2000 fans that can recycle 70,000 cubic feet per minute of air. The DGX GH200 weighs 40,000 pounds, which is equal to four elephants and one GPU. The server is big, both literally and figuratively, and it can recycle the air in an entire room in a couple of minutes. However, since it is cloud-based, it is not necessary to have it physically present. The price of the DGX GH200 is yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to be exorbitant.

The Future of Nvidia and AI

Nvidia’s focus for the future is on AI, as evident from the introduction of the Grace Hopper superchip and the DGX GH200. Nvidia has also announced ACE for Games, an AI toolset that lets developers create NPCs that can talk back to you in real-time. Nvidia has confirmed that the system will run on Nvidia DGX Cloud and a regular GPU. Despite rumors of Nvidia moving away from gaming, the company still intends to keep gaming as a part of its focus. Jensen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, even joked about the Grace Hopper superchip’s ability to play Crysis, but it is clear that the company is serious about AI acceleration.

The Grace Hopper superchip and DGX GH200 are major steps towards the future of AI acceleration. With its massive memory and computing power, the Grace Hopper superchip is an impressive addition to Nvidia’s lineup. The DGX GH200 is a massive server that can handle the most demanding AI workloads. While the price of these machines may be out of reach for most people, the cloud-based nature of the DGX GH200 means that it can be rented as needed. As Nvidia continues to focus on AI, it will be exciting to see what new innovations the company will come up with next.


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