Blizzard, the team behind Overwatch 2, has launched its first-ever community-made map called “Talantis.” This map is now available on all platforms and can be played in the game’s Arcade suite of modes. The announcement was made on the official Overwatch Twitter account with a video showcasing the new map’s underwater theme.

What to Expect from Talantis

Talantis is a 5v5 map that operates similarly to other Overwatch 2 maps, with both teams being tasked with taking control of the center. It is an underwater-themed map featuring giant fish swimming around the edges, providing a unique visual style not typically seen in the game. Players can access the objective by taking a lift, and the first team to capture the objective twice wins the match. All three rounds are played within the same location.

A New Era of Community Made Maps

Although it’s not confirmed, it’s highly likely that Talantis will be the first of several community-made maps to come to the hero shooter. This new era of community-made maps will provide players with a more personalized experience and expand the game’s content.

In other Overwatch 2 news, Lifeweaver is set to receive a control rework and healing buff soon. For those interested in learning more about Lifeweaver, check out our Lifeweaver hero guide.

Overall, the introduction of community-made maps opens up exciting opportunities for Overwatch 2 players. With Talantis being the first of many, it will be interesting to see what other creative maps the community comes up with in the future.


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