Blizzard has confirmed that it is scrapping the co-op PvE mode that was originally advertised as one of the main selling points of Overwatch 2. This decision was revealed in a livestream showcasing the new Overwatch 2 roadmap. The original concept for a separate “hero mode” with open-ended progression and talent systems has been replaced by co-op gameplay and co-op experiences that will be part of the live-service experience.

Jared Neuss, executive producer of Overwatch 2, explained that the original vision for the PvE mode shown in 2019 could not be delivered. He stated that the team had learnt a lot about what it takes to operate the game at a level that players deserve. Therefore, the dedicated Hero mode with talent trees and long-term hero progression will no longer be part of Overwatch 2’s plans.

Game director Aaron Keller stated that the original vision for Overwatch 2 was changed to release something sooner. The development team made a commitment to prioritize the live game and devote all their development efforts there. The goal is to offer players more frequent and varied experiences than what was originally announced.

Despite what fans may think, the decision to scrap the co-op PvE mode is a significant change, as it was what made Overwatch 2 stand out from the original game. However, the team has a new plan in place to ensure a better experience for players. The first major story-based event will kick off a brand-new story arc for Overwatch, and season six will introduce new story-based PvE missions, a new support hero, a new tank hero, reworks for Sombra and Roadhog, and a new limited-time event called Questwatch.

Keller also revealed that the team has many more co-op features in the pipeline, including some canon, and some not canon. Overwatch 2’s new plans aim to provide a more immersive and engaging co-op experience for players.

In conclusion, Overwatch 2’s decision to scrap the co-op PvE mode is significant news for fans of the game. However, the development team has a new plan in place that will offer players more frequent and varied experiences. The live game will be prioritized, and the new story-based PvE missions, new heroes, reworks, and limited-time event will provide players with a new and exciting experience.


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