Pale Court is an ambitious modification (mod) for the popular video game Hollow Knight. This mod introduces five new boss fights, along with additional art, music, dialogue, and voice acting. For those eagerly awaiting the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong, Pale Court offers a temporary solution. Below, you will find a trailer and instructions on how to download the mod.

New Boss Fights

In Pale Court, players will have the opportunity to challenge the Five Great Knights of Hallownest. These characters are referenced in Hollow Knight but are only depicted as crude statues and silhouettes, never encountered in the game. To engage in battle with these knights, players must utilize an item called the Dream Nail, which can be used at specific locations. However, it is important to note that the Dream Nail is only obtained late in the original Hollow Knight game. Therefore, this mod is best suited for experienced players who have already acquired this item.

Installation Process

To install Pale Court, players will need to utilize a Hollow Knight mod manager. Scarab is recommended for this purpose and can be downloaded as an installer from Github. Once Scarab is installed, users can search for “Pale Court” within the application and click the install button to begin the process. Alternatively, users can click on the provided link, which will initiate the download if Scarab is already installed on their system. For those who require additional assistance, the mod creators have recommended a video guide for installing Hollow Knight mods.

Personal Recommendation

As a fan of Hollow Knight, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with the game, although I have yet to complete it. I would highly recommend reading Pip’s (RPS in peace) insightful exploration of Hollow Knight’s art and Alex Wiltshire’s in-depth interview with the game’s creators. It is unfortunate that we never had the opportunity to review it ourselves. Thank you to Games Radar for sharing this exciting mod with us.

In summary, Pale Court is an impressive mod for Hollow Knight that introduces new boss fights and enhances various aspects of the game. By utilizing the Dream Nail, players can engage in battles with the Five Great Knights of Hallownest. However, it is important to note that this mod is more suitable for experienced players who have already progressed in the original game. The installation process requires the use of a Hollow Knight mod manager, such as Scarab. Overall, Pale Court offers an exciting addition to the Hollow Knight universe for fans to enjoy while awaiting the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong.


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