Persona 3 enthusiasts are thrilled about the upcoming release of Persona 3 Reload, particularly because of the remade character portraits featured in the game. At Anime Expo 2023, Atlus unveiled the new Persona 3 Reload trailer, which not only introduced an entirely new English voice cast for the remake but also provided fans with a fresh look at the remade character portraits of beloved characters like Akihiko, Mitsuru, and Fuuka.

Among the remade character portraits, it is Fuuka’s that has captured the attention of the Persona fanbase the most. Fuuka has always been adored by Persona 3 players for her endearing quirks, and one of her in-game character portraits from the original game only emphasized this aspect. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the confirmation of Fuuka’s derpy portrait in Persona 3 Reload.

A Reddit post showcases Fuuka’s remade character sprite on the left, while the author of the post attempts to recreate her derpy look based on their interpretation. The response to this recreation has been mixed, with some unintended consequences becoming apparent. However, fans have also offered a more suitable derpy remake for Fuuka, where her eyes have been adjusted to a more central position, resulting in a character that looks goofy, albeit in a slightly unconventional way. The original Fuuka was undeniably adorable and easy to root for, and it seems that these remakes aim to capture that same charm.

Despite the mixed reactions to the derpy remakes, there is still hope among fans that Fuuka’s iconic derp face will make an appearance in Persona 3 Reload. It is important to note that not all in-game character sprites have been revealed yet, leaving the possibility open for Atlus to surprise fans with Fuuka’s oddball look later on. Fans of Fuuka are eagerly hoping for this outcome, as disappointment would surely ensue if her derpy expression is absent from the remake.

Persona 3 fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Persona 3 Reload, primarily due to the remade character portraits. Fuuka, in particular, has garnered significant attention from the fanbase, with fans hoping for the inclusion of her iconic derp face in the game. While the response to fan attempts at recreating this expression has been mixed, there is still optimism that Atlus has saved Fuuka’s derpy look for later reveals. The anticipation continues to build as fans eagerly await the release of Persona 3 Reload, hoping to see their favorite characters brought to life with updated visuals.


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