Wishfully’s Planet Of Lana, a scenic platformer, has officially announced its release date. On May 23rd, PC gamers will be able to explore the alien world of the game’s titular character, Lana, as she sets out on a mission to rescue her sister from mechanical menaces. The gameplay follows Lana and her monkeycat pet Mui as they navigate through the dunes, forests, and caves of the planet while solving puzzles and avoiding robots.

One of the game’s unique features is the relationship between Lana and Mui. Players must use both characters in tandem to advance through the game, making it a two-hander adventure. The game’s emotional pull is enhanced by the reactive animal companions, which are known to tug at players’ heartstrings.

A Low-Key Thrill with a Melancholic Soundtrack

Takeshi Furukawa, who handled the soundtrack for The Last Guardian, is responsible for the melancholic score of Planet Of Lana. The game’s hand-painted art and minimalist music create a low-key thrill that complements its serious and emotional story.

According to creative director Adam Stjärnljus, the game takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli’s tonality, which balances drama with playfulness. The demo for the game captured the same balance and promises to deliver a unique gaming experience.

Planet Of Lana will be available on PC via Steam and Game Pass on May 23rd. The game’s trailer, embedded below, showcases the game’s stunning art and music, promising players an unforgettable gaming experience.


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